About Me

Hi there! I'm Julianne.


I'm a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (NTP) and health nerd. I am so passionate about health, wellness, and all things living simply and fully. It all started because of my own health issues. I suffered through years of symptoms like digestive discomfort, PMS and acne (to name a few!) before starting on the path to healing myself. Once I did, I knew I wanted to empower men and women to optimize their own wellbeing, simplify their health and cut through all the noise of the health and wellness world. 

I view health through a holistic lens and emphasize traditional nutrition, bio-individuality and a pro-metabolic way of living with my clients. Learn a bit more about my health journey, and how I can help you along yours, by reading below.

How it all started


When I was in high school, it seemed like there was always something wrong with my health. Whether it be bloating, gas, headaches, fatigue, hormonal imbalances, acne, constant colds, PMS, something would be bothering me on any given day. Being the self-driven learner that I am, I decided to try and take matters into my own hands. I was tired of being sick and sick of being tired. 

I tried all the things my research told me was “healthy.”  Low-carb, dairy-free, plant-based. But why did it seem like I was getting worse?? What worked for one symptom made another worse or caused a new one to appear all together. 

It was like a game of whack-a-mole. The minute one thing improved, another issue would show up. It was an endless, frustrating cycle.

My issues persisted in college where I studied anatomy, physiology and the basics of nutrition in more depth. I became aware of how truly miraculous the human body is. How intelligent it is. And how it tries to communicate to us when something is wrong. But…I still wasn’t listening to mine.

I was still eating low-carb despite my body’s desperate cry for energy, pounding nuts and seeds and salads while my digestive issues got worse, etc. I felt miserable. 

Long story a little shorter, hundreds of supplements and dollars and more than a handful of diets later, I knew the path of health I was on was not the solution. I felt deep in my soul that I wasn’t focusing on the root causes of my issues. I was only covering them with bandaids. 

So, I went on a mission. More lab tests, supplements, time and money later, I was left with more diagnoses but little lasting solutions. I didn’t want to spend the rest of my life taking supplements or eating cardboard. 

By the grace of God, my research and studies led me to information about traditional nutrition and a pro-metabolic, bio-individual approach to health. 

I started nourishing my body with animal protein, properly prepared grains and (gasp!) honey, fruit and other carbs. 

Once I began learning about my unique needs and actually listening to what my body was trying to tell me, everything changed.

The more I learned about the foundations of health and the wisdom of our bodies, the more convinced I became that the human body will do what it is created to do if only it is given what it needs!

It is heartbreaking thinking of the time, money and emotional energy I could have saved if I would have listened to my body and learned what I now know sooner. But I am learning to take this heartbreak and turn it into a passion for helping people. 

I want to help you free up your time so you don’t constantly think about food and your health. Help you save your well earned dollars instead of endlessly trying supplements. Help you gain the knowledge about your body and what makes it function properly so you can live a balanced life. Help you live up to your God-given potential. 

So now, I no longer spend my time exercising to exhaustion, constantly thinking about food, drinking green drinks and shoving down all the salads. 

I enjoy feeling satisfied after a meal, forgetting about food until it’s time to eat, and honoring what my body tells me it needs every day. 

I am still healing from years of damage, but I have peace knowing that health is not perfect. Health is a journey and, with the right knowledge and tools, it is possible. 

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