Healing is Not Linear (and That's Okay)

Jun 01, 2023


What is your idea of healing, friend?


So many of us have this idea that it should be linear.


That if we eat certain foods, have a specific routine, do the right things and avoid the wrong ones, then we must feel better.


We can only improve.


Sounds great. But this is simply not the way it works.




I don't know about you, but the idea that healing must be linear has caused a lot of stress for me.


If I'm not aware of my thought patterns, they end up something like this:


Do I think I offer solutions to help people improve their health? Yes.


Do I whole-heartedly believe there are ways using nutrition and lifestyle to help us feel fantastic? Absolutely.


Do I come down hard on myself when I have a rough period, a horrible night's sleep or get bloated? Heck yes.


Because when this happens, there’s a little voice in my head that tells me I must be doing something wrong.


That what I teach isn't effective. That I'm a mess and I need to start all over and come up with another solution.


That I must be failing.


What I'm not listening to in these moments is the other voice telling me that most nights I sleep great, my periods are usually easy, and I rarely get bloated.


I forget that I'm not perfect, wasn't made to be perfect and never will be in "perfect" health 100% of the time.


This is where the idea that health should be linear fails us. 


It puts pressure on us to have to feel great all the time, and, if we don't, we think we must not be going in the right direction.


It causes a lot of feelings of frustration and confusion.


Maybe you feel this way too.


You start a new way of eating, commit to getting more sleep, or try a new protocol and initially see some improvements...until you have an off day.


But, instead of seeing it as an off day, you spiral into blaming the food, doubting the protocol and believing you need to try a whole new approach. 


A lot of the times, it's this constant doubting and stressing that actually keeps you from taking steps forward and healing. 


In these moments, we don't see that health is a journey...and sometimes a long and winding one with good days and bad days. 




Rather than seeing healing as a linear road of constant progress, it is much more similar to hiking a mountain. 


There is one goal: Health. 


A path: specific food, habits, lifestyle choices, etc. to nourish yourself properly. 


Ascents: seeing progress, feeling good. 


Descents: off days, feelings of regressing or going backwards. 


As long as you keep moving, you are getting closer to your goal - even if it looks like you're going downhill, away from the top of the mountain. 


That is the key: keep going.


Once you have a plan, commit.


Even if we're on the "right path", this doesn't guarantee butterflies and rainbows the rest of the way.


Obviously, if the plan leads to more bad days than good days, it may be necessary to re-evaluate. But, the majority of the time, we know what we need to do. We simply need to do it and stop constantly questioning it. 


So today, let's give ourselves permission to take as much time as we need on our health journeys.


Permission to have good and bad days.


Let's give ourselves time to heal.


Welcome the ways our bodies communicate to us.




Know that not everything that goes wrong happens because we made a mistake - sometimes it's part of climbing the mountain of healing. 


As long as we're working with our bodies, walking along the path of true nourishment, little blips are just that, blips.




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