How to Have a Healthy Relationship with Food

Jun 30, 2023


Fear is a powerful thing.


From my experience, it can motivate for better or for worse (but usually for worse).


Looking back on my health journey, I can see now that I was afraid of food for a very long time.


What started with eliminating certain foods to see if they would clear my skin, help my gut, etc. turned into restricting whole foods groups (carbs) and fearing that if I ate something I shouldn't my whole health would be ruined forever.


Dramatic, I know.


But, the feelings were very, very real and very, very strong.


Funny thing is, up until this point I had never deliberately tracked my food to see what could have actually been causing a reaction for ME.


And, despite eliminating many foods, I wasn't healing.


I was keeping track of trigger foods in my head and every month the list only got longer and longer.


I was basing my decisions on what other people said helped them.


What I did not understand was that what worked for one person would not necessarily work for me.



How to Stop Fearing Food


I will say this until the end of time - everyone is so unique. What is causing your food fear may be different than what caused mine. 


Maybe the first step is even recognizing you have a fear of food in the first place.


This was the case for me. 


I hope you can gain some insight and inspiration from my experience and the patterns I've seen with my clients. 


What I've found is this: It is a waste of precious time, energy and mental space to play around and guess what foods work best for our bodies.


Understanding this is the key because guessing and uncertainty are the breading ground for fear.


It is clarity that breads confidence and confidence conquers all fear.


So, how do we gain clarity in our health and conquer our food fears?


By looking, processing, analyzing and learning about our own bodies, the foods it needs and those it does not. 


Sometimes it's obvious, but sometimes it can be overwhelming and confusing to try and see patterns on our own.


This is exactly what I help with.


When starting to work with clients, I have them complete a 5-day Food and Mood Journal.


For 5 days, they log their food along with how they're feeling physically and mentally, their physical activity, sleep and more.


These are the puzzle pieces to health and I put them together for you.


All of this helps stop the guessing game and create clarity as to what to do next.


No more fear.


A lot more direction.


Clarity really is a beautiful thing.


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Disclaimer: The information provided by Julianne Salcedo is for educational and informational purposes only and is NOT intended to be a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or qualified health care provider.


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