Nutrition for the Whole Person: Body, Mind and Soul

holistic nutrition Apr 06, 2023

There is so much more to health than the food we eat.


It’s a major contributor for sure, but there is more to the picture.


Food nourishes our physical bodies, and that is wonderful.


It is necessary to eat to nourish our bodies as best we can.


But, we are not just bodies.


We have minds and souls as well.


These 3 parts (body, mind and soul) can be thought of like the roots of a plant.


When each root is strong, healthy and provided with the right nutrients, the whole plant can grow, thrive and blossom.


The same is true for us.


When we nourish our roots - our bodies, minds and souls - as best we can, we can thrive and live the way we were designed.


How to Nourish Your Body, Mind and Soul:


The answer is different for everyone based on nutrient deficiencies, health history, life experiences, stressors, current symptoms, life stage, etc.


A good starting point is to look at what you fill your body, mind and soul with.


Are they generally life giving things?


Ask yourself the questions below to see what areas are in need of the most nourishment.


// Body //


What do you put in and on your body?

  • Food

  • Drink

  • Supplements

  • Products


Is there too much or too little of a certain thing? 


What is the quality of these items?


// Mind //


What do you fill you mind with?

  • Content (social media, TV)

  • Thoughts

  • Beliefs

  • Pressures

  • Relationships


Are they mostly life giving or life sucking?


// Soul //


How do you care for you soul?

  • Daily prayer or meditation

  • Cultivating an intimate relationship with the Lord

  • Other Spiritual Disciplines like fasting 

  • Spiritual Direction


How are you finding your worth and purpose in God?





Anything we do (or don't do) in each area will impact the others. 


The body strengthens the mind which can build up the soul.


The mind helps the body to free the soul.


The soul connects with the mind to heal the body.




It is my mission as a holistic nutritionist to work with the whole person.


I've seen clients eat all the right foods yet still struggle with insomnia and other stress-induced symptoms like heartburn until we examined the needs of their minds and souls as well. 


It is the symptoms that alert us something is out of balance in the body, mind or soul.


The beauty of working together 1:1 is that we uncover the mental and spiritual roadblocks that come up along the way so you can blossom. 


Complete a free Nutrition Assessment below to see how your symptoms relate to each other to give you clarity where to start in your health journey. Then we will have a free results session and discuss the best plan of action for you. 



Disclaimer: The information provided by Julianne Salcedo is for educational and informational purposes only and is NOT intended to be a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or qualified health care provider.


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