The Markers of True Health: Not What You See in the Mirror

Apr 19, 2023


Does the health world ever seem overwhelming to you?


So many opinions on what’s healthy.


So many claims about what will make you feel your best.


…and they all seem to be saying opposite things.


Keto or low-fat. Carnivore or vegan. Intermittent fasting or a pro-metabolic approach.


It’s completely overwhelming!


How are you supposed to know what’s actually healthy?


I believe it starts with redefining what health looks like and realizing health is so much more than having abs or losing weight.



What does being healthy mean to you?


I was talking to a friend the other day when (unsurprisingly) the subject of health came up.


My friend was telling me about some kind of cleanse a well-known celebrity was doing, and how, given the huge following she has, so many people are going to believe that this is what they should be doing for their health, too.


Naturally, we went on one of our health rants about why a cleanse like this is so unnecessary, not honoring or nourishing the body, and how we wished they could see this.


It started to feel like we were getting a little too judgemental, until my friend said something that really got me thinking. She said that they're doing this because they honestly think it will make them healthy.




What does being healthy really mean?


If I were to ask the celebrity (and most people, really) that question, my guess is their answer would be something related to body image and looking a certain way.


I think we all have ideas in our head of what healthy should look like.


What comes up for you when you read this: "That person is so healthy, I want to be like that?”


Is it something related to body image? I would not be surprised if it is, because that is how I viewed health for a long time, too.


It took a lot of me doing all the "healthy" things like green smoothies, salads, lean meats, exercising every day yet still feeling crummy to re-evaluate my definition.


On the outside, I may have looked healthy by “normal” standards. But, based on the way I felt, I knew what I was doing was not the way to go.


It took me a long time, but I finally came to understand that body image does not define health.



7 Markers of Health (Unrelated to how you look):


Through my own health journey and walking with clients, I've found time and again that true, lasting health is not something that can be measured on a scale or seen in the mirror.


Health is how your body feels and functions every day.


Some of the most telling markers of health are:


1 // Sleeping through the night without waking to pee

2 // Warm hands and feet

3 // Feeling hungry upon waking

4 // A monthly period without pain

5 // 1-3 Bowel Movements a day

6 // Ability to cope with stress in a healthy way

7 // Having a waking body temperature around 97.8 F


All of these point toward a strong metabolism - one that is nourished, balanced and able to sustain life. 


You can use these markers to evaluate if a way of eating or even a particular food works well for YOUR body.


A Keto or carnivore diet, for example, may initially lead to weight loss, but is it also causing you to lose your period? To wake up several times a night? To be constipated or experience dramatic mood swings?


By paying attention to your health markers, you do not have to blindly choose who or what to trust. 


You can see for yourself.


Because health does not have to be complicated.



The Bottom Line:


Even though someone may appear "healthy," this does not mean they actually are.


The influencer in tip-top shape may not actually have her period every month.


The guy at work who raves about the new diet that helped him lose an insane amount of weight may not be sleeping well.


Looks can be so deceiving and throw us off course if we're not aware.


Just like we've been told before, we can't judge a book by its cover.


Sometimes it can still be complicated trying to interpret your markers alone. 


I am here to help you. 


Help you sort through what is and is not helping you achieve your health goals. 


Help you come up with a plan. 


Help you stop guessing and start healing. 


Sign-up for a free Nutrition Assessment below so we can assess your health markers together and come up with the best plan of action for you!


Disclaimer: The information provided by Julianne Salcedo is for educational and informational purposes only and is NOT intended to be a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or qualified health care provider.


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