You Were Made for Greatness, Not Comfort

holistic nutrition May 25, 2023


"You were not made for comfort, you were made for greatness." - Pope Benedict XVI


These words of the late Pope have been on my heart ever since his passing.


There is so much meaning in that one simple sentence.


As I pondered what it means for my life, I came to see how we can apply his wisdom not only to our spiritual lives, but to our health as well.


The road to true, lasting, and great health is not always comfortable. Many times, it is quite the opposite. 


We must not fall into the trap of believing what the world is constantly telling us - that our ultimate goal should be comfort.


When we take a look around us, the media and our culture tell us to strive for comfort. To make our lives as easy and pain-free as possible. To find the quickest, easiest solutions to our problems.


We are constantly bombarded with messages like:


“Easiest way to lose weight.”


“One pill that will make all your symptoms disappear.”


“Super easy dinner recipes.”


I’m as much a fan of easy, one pot meals as the next person, but I think there’s a danger in always searching for the easiest, quickest, most comfortable anything.


Because greatness in our health is not always comfortable.


It’s not always convenient.


It takes effort and planning.


The extra time and energy it takes to make homemade sourdough bread or bone broth can be uncomfortable. But the way it allows us to slow down, understand our food better and nourish ourselves is irreplaceable.


There’s a danger in always having a “convenience” mindset. It may very well be the thing stopping us from achieving our goals.


It’s not convenient to have a set bedtime, make meals at home or turn our phones off an hour before bed.


But we know doing these things will improve our health.


All growth and progress comes from a bit of discomfort - much like building muscles requires breaking them down first. 


The most worthwhile things in life are an investment. Whether it be an investment of time, money or energy.


In our health, this may look like:

  • Spending an hour or two meal prepping every week
  • Waking up a bit earlier to cook and eat a warm breakfast
  • Investing in nutrition coaching


Whatever it is, I hope you know YOU ARE WORTH IT. 


You were made for greatness! Do not settle for anything less. 


What will you do to invest in your health today?


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